The primary objective of Grand Northern is to re-instate the Woodhead Railway line, which was closed for rail traffic in 1981. With the construction of this new Trans-Pennine Corridor we will have quick, safe, reliable, non polluting and cost effective alternative to using the heavily congested M62 and A628/A616 single carriageway trunk roads.

Our aim is to use low floor wagons hauled by electric locomotives to carry lorries with their drivers over the Pennines between the cities of Manchester and Sheffield. This is a mode of transport which has proved to be extremely successful in Alpine regions of Europe and of course through the Channel Tunnel. The safety record across all of these services is second to none and Grand Northern intend to emulate this with our own Piggyback service here in the North of England.

The new Woodhead Railway will also be able to accommodate additional East – West Coast links  comprising Intermodal Freight and Intercity Passenger Services.