Invest In Your Future & The Future Of Our Environment

We believe we have a robust business case which will enable the Woodhead Railway to be re-instated and reverse the complete lack of forsight which led to the utter travesty of it’s closure in the early 1980’s.

Extensive modelling based on recognised figures for HGV/LGV operating costs were employed to arrive at a suitable tarriff for using the Rolling Highway.  The forecasted revenue stream, based on a notional journey fare for a 45ft articulated vehicle of £130 pounds each way, indicates that the break even point will be at 40% of capacity. Grand Northern’s aim within the first two years of operation is to achieve a level of utilisation equal to 60% or 1920 vehicles per day.  We have also calculated a Benefit Cost Ratio value in excess of 4.

These figures are attractive to any would be investor and we are therefore confident that over 95% of the construction and start up costs can be sourced from the private sector.

Grand Northern is at present carrying out a full consultation with potential users of the route in order to ensure that the pricing we have used in our income forecasts has the potential to attract their custom.