Object to National Grid's plans and help reopen the Wonderful Woodhead Railway

…..To Stop National Grid

The immediate priority is to stop National Grid from digging up the abandoned Woodhead Railway. This will wipe out any chance of  Grand Northern or any other organisation from developing this national treasure for its original use as a railway. National Grid’s plan is to use £500 million of your and my money, by way of something called the Visual Impact Provision, VIP, to bury cables underground. All this just to remove 7 pylons which have stood for several decades and have long since been accepted as a part of the rural landscape and indeed testament to our rich industrial heritage  They plan to use the trackbed east of the tunnels at Dunford Bridge – see map opposite – which is currently part of the Pennine Trail. See map and illustrated aerial photo shot for proposed route of cable trench.

National Grid plan to use pressurised SF6 to insulate the underground cable. SF6 is the most potent Green House Gas known to man. According to the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change SF6 has a a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is 23,900 times greater than CO2. Worse still, if the under ground conduit were to be ruptured, the pressurised gas would escape into the valley bottom. Since SF6 is denser than air, it would settle in low-lying pockets and present a significant risk of aphyxiation. Update – following Grand Northern’s comments to National Grid regarding SF6, they have switched to XLPE.

We need the public to help put a stop to National Grid’s plans which have now been lodged with Barnsley County Council. We have until the 31st October to register our objections to these plans by email to developmentmanagement@barnsley.gov.uk quoting planning application ref. 2019/1013.  Since some of the works will lie in the Peak District National Park please copy your objections to them at customer.service@peakdistrict.gov.uk. Copies of your objections should also be sent to the CEO of TfN, email barry.white@transportforthenorth.com, who in taking a ‘neutral’ position are disgracefully failing to help save the iconic line.

If National Grid obtain approval they will commence works in mid 2020. And that will be that. All chances of reopening the Woodhead Railway to its former glory as a Zero Emissions railway will be lost forever.




Saving Our Beautiful Countryside, Pylons and All