The Benefits to Users and The Planet Earth

The Rolling Highway would offer clear operative and economic benefits in Trans-Pennine transportation – Here are just a few of the benefits Grand Northern Railways offers:-

  • Direct route linking the North East with the North West with loaded weight up to 45 tonnes .
  • Huge commercial benefits to Northern communities linked by the route in terms of employment and prosperity. In 2007 the Northern Way, a collaboration between the three Northern Regional Development Agencies: Yorkshire ForwardNorthwest Regional Development Agency and One North East published a report estimating that the economic benefit of such a route could be as much as £10 billion nationally with £3.5 billion of this in the North.
  • Reduced Noise and Vibration levels as there will only be a fraction of the heavy lorries rumbling through towns and villages. 
  • Competitive tariff undercutting current cost of using the route.
  • Up to 5 trains per hour departing every 10 to 15 minutes during working hours
  • Shortest possible journey times of trans-pennine routes, equating to average extra 1 hour vehicle and driver utilisation.
  • Train transportation during mandatory rest period for HGV drivers, maximising lorry fleet utilisation and giving the driver the opportunity to relax and recuperate from stressful driving while admiring the beautiful scenery.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to there being no wear and tear.
  • No transport risks like bad weather, congested roads and accidents.
  • Overall safety maximised, as a consequence of reduced driver fatigue and being free from accidents.
  • At capacity, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per annum will effectively be removed by using the new railway line instead of making the journey by road.
  • As the track bed and tunnels are already in place, there will be little environmental impact across the route of the re-instated railway line.
  • Electricity generation. The topography of the route lends itself perfectly to maximising the benefiits of regenerative braking, such that the spin off electricity generated can be sold back to the National Grid.
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